Global Operations Team | Matt Millar

  /  Carla Vaca.

As NewThing continues to expand its focus, as we intentionally include the global landscape of church planting into our gaze more frequently, we are constantly realizing how much we have to learn. It’s such an awesome season of growth and trusting God.

Because we’re stepping into new and unchartered territory we have established a Global Operations Team. God has brought together a few of the best minds of the planet to create something of a church planting Avengers squad that is working towards the common end of catalyzing movements of reproducing churches all across the world.

This team is made up of people that live in the Chicago (USA), Milwaukee (USA), Nairobi (Kenya), Dubai (UAE), Manchester (UK), Bergen (Norway), and Damoh (India). Each and every person on this team was hand selected for one reason or another. They all bring a base of knowledge that is unique to their area of expertise and/or their cultural context.

This team meets virtually every month to discuss how to achieve NewThing’s four global objectives:

1.     To plant 10,000 reproducing churches (churches that plant more churches that plant churches) globally by 2020.
2.     To establish 9 NewThing global regions to catalyze movements of reproducing churches all over the world.
3.     To create a global residency program to train and equip international church planters.
4.     To form a global prayer initiative that will allow us to support one another, bring unity to the Body of Christ, and to create a sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

As we look as this small but intimidating list it forces us to look up to a big and mighty God because it is He, and He alone, that will see this giant vision come to fruition. Please pray for us and ask God to enable this team to set an example by representing Him well as they work in unity showcasing a plethora of different aspects of the Body of Christ.

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Becoming A Level Five Tool | Powered by Exponential

  /  Carla Vaca.

The “Becoming a Level 5” tool is a game changer. This simple assessment will help you know exactly where you are as a church when it comes to multiplication. It will provide you specific insights and next steps for “Becoming a Level 5” church - a multiplying church.  The assessment is short (10 minutes), free and will move the needle on reproducing. 

So, if you want to know how you're doing as a church leader on a scale from 1-5 then take a few minutes for this FREE assessment. You will discover how you rate and how to move up the scale toward “Becoming a Level 5” church.
I talk to lots of church leaders around the world and all of them tell me they want to multiply. Yet, only a small percentage of churches will reproduce this year.  If you’re a leader who takes reproducing seriously I know this assessment will help you.
Dave Ferguson
Lead Visionary - NewThing

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Residency Matching Fund

  /  Carla Vaca.

The NewThing Residency Matching Fund can fuel church planting. 

It’s often the first year of funding that is most challenging and thus, the NewThing Leadership Residency presents its Matching Fund. The matching fund is designed to provide strong assistance in order for future church planters to fully fund the entire  year of their residency. The goal of the fund is to give a leg up to our leadership residents so that finances does not become barrier to the vision God has given them.

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LARN Cohort #3 Launch | Patrick O'Connell

  /  Carla Vaca.

NewThing launched another LARN Cohort in November in Chicago. We are pleased to have 5 great churches represented.

They include Community Christian in Silicon Valley, California Elmbrook Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton, Illinois; Lifepointe Church in Raleigh, North Carolina and Pulawska Church in Warsaw, Poland.

LARN is a one-year interactive, practical training that helps to envision and enable local churches and networks of churches to multiply or reproduce their leaders and their churches for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. It’s about the Jesus Mission; going to every corner of the Earth with the gospel of Christ. NewThing provides a platform to inspire greater vision and to discuss the practicalities of carrying out that vision.             

A large part of the training is the Action Learning Plan, which makes LARN for more than simply information or teaching. It will assist these lead pastors in putting the rubber to the road and laying out a strategic plan in order to hopefully do more than they had previously thought possible.             

Watch this space as we tell their stories because they are embarking on a wonderful journey!

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NEW Network | James Griffin

  /  Carla Vaca.

CrossPoint City Church

I first met Dave Ferguson in 2013 during Exponential.  A mutual friend of ours arranged for us to have dinner, and we shared dreams of what we hoped to see God do in and through the “big C” Church. As I listened to Dave share his heart, I remember thinking, “I want to be on this guy’s team.” I didn’t know what that meant or what it might look like. I just knew that in some way I wanted to be a part of what God was doing in Dave’s world.

A few days later, I was able to attend a NewThing gathering. In the few short hours I was there I got a taste of the NewThing culture. I heard what the network was about along with what it hoped to accomplish in the way of church planting moving forward. I also met several guys from around the country who were already bought in, and I remember leaving at the end of the night feeling like “these are my people”.

Fast forward to the fall of that same year.  Dave and I were on a phone call and I said, “Dave, if there’s any way we can work together with me being in Atlanta and you being in Chicago, I’m in.” He then pitched the idea of me becoming a NewThing network leader. As he described what becoming a network leader meant, I immediately knew I was in. There was no way I could pass up the opportunity to build something in Atlanta through which we could plant churches and help people find their way back to God alongside brothers and sisters who share that same passion.
So in 2014, I took part in the LARN training. This training confirmed for me what I already loved so much about NewThing:

  • The network has a singular, unifying focus: the Jesus mission!
  • The network is made up of churches from different background, ethnicities, denominations and countries. This lets me know that God is definitely up to something big.
  • The importance of relationship and accountability is more than just talk. I can reach out to anyone at anytime for anything. At the same time, the relationships I’ve formed keep me on my toes and on my game. We all need that.
  • Leaders like me are empowered. I appreciate the fact that I’m trusted to do what God has called me to do in my city as a part of NewThing.
  • Our funds stay local. I love knowing that our network money is available to be used to directly impact our city.
  • Humility defines the leadership. More than anything, I love that the guys at the top are humble, Godly men. I hope to be like them when I grow up! 

I’m truly honored to be a part of what God is doing in and through NewThing, and I can’t wait to see what He does in Atlanta through our efforts!

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Resources | Eric Metcalf

  /  Carla Vaca.

What to look for in an Apprentice

You can't drive a car without wheels, without an engine, or without gasoline. You can't bake a cake without flour or eggs (not a good one anyway). You can't eat a true Chicago hot dog without onions, mustard, and relish. Many of these items are “must-haves” in order for them to complete.
Think about the must-haves in your ministry; you've drawn a line in the sand and simply refuse to cross. These “must-haves” often take a lot of conviction from God combined with some real life experience for us to develop. When it comes to asking someone to be come an apprentice leader (at all levels and in all ministries) we believe there are a few must-haves when it comes to entrusting people with the high privilege of leadership:
Spiritual Velocity
The apprentice must have a Jesus-centered life. Not a life of perfection, but a life centered on Jesus.  A Jesus-centered life will be a life impacted in all areas: relationships, finances, schedule, behind closed doors, etc.
Relational Intelligence
Relational intelligence the potential apprentice has a basic understanding that people matter to God and they need to matter to us. A person with relational intelligence has the knack for seeing the best in people. They're not oblivious to people’s growth areas, like some sort of blind optimism. Instead they possess a keen ability to see greatness in someone.
Teachability = humility + application. A person has to be truly willing to accept feedback in order to be developed (humility) AND they need to be willing to do the harder work of applying to create change in his/her character and/or behaviors. In fact, the entire apprenticeship concept is based upon teachability; the process or role cant exist without it. If a person is teachable he/she must be willing to be affirmed, accept feedback gracefully, and be willing to change how they do things. This teachability needs to be coupled with trust, and we are responsible as leaders to develop that. If an apprentice trusts us as leaders, he/she will be much more open to being apprenticed by us.

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