Our Partnership with Wheaton College

NewThing is excited to partner with Wheaton College yet again to bring you a unique course called:Wheaton College Missional Church Movements.  As contemporary forms of church are changing, we need a new type of leader who wants to plant and grow reproducing churches, and extend the influence of the gospel into every sector and location of society.  We need missional churches and missional movements to reach the West and to reach the world.  We need missional Christians to serve their neighbor and to serve the poor.

“The Masters in Missional Church Movements has been an incredible learning experience as I strive to lead a missional church, and become a missional leader. Any leader who wants to inspire both spiritual and social change should consider this degree program at Wheaton College.” – Matt Miller, Lead Pastor New City Church

“The increasingly missionary context that we find ourselves in is precipitating the need for new, more missional and innovative forms of church. The new M.A. in Missional Church Movements is an exciting, pioneering, breakthrough degree.”

– Alan Hirsch, guest lecturer and author

The Masters in Missional Church Movements will expose you to the best missional and reproducing church thinkers and practioners in the world today.  And it will equip you to lead in the Church and in your community and workplace to bring the gospel to bear and see people transformed and neighborhoods and institutions influenced.

The new Masters is the culmination of a partnership between Rick Richardson and Alan Hirsch.  And as a participant in the course you would also get course work from NewThing co-founders, authors of Exponential and The Big Idea: Dave and Jon Ferguson.  And if you are a part of a NewThing Network, and lead in any capacity (volunteer or staff), NewThing’s partnership with Wheaton translates into 25% off your tuition!  Simply contact Beth Seversen for details at  beth.seversen@wheaton.edu