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Thank you for your interest in a Leadership Residency. We’re excited to have the opportunity to dream big for the Kingdom with you.

It’s easy to apply for a Leadership Residency. There is no cost to you, and you’re guaranteed to learn a little bit about yourself.

What is a Leadership Residency?

A Leadership Residency is a 1 year self-funded apprenticeship with a NewThing church. The goal of the residency is help train and equip apostolic leaders to reproduce movements of churches.

A NewThing Leadership Residency is an intensive life on life experience where the resident spends up to a year apprenticing with a Campus Pastor or Lead Pastor at any NewThing church. During this time the resident learns and trains in the fundamentals of leader reproduction.

Why do a Leadership Residency?

We believe there are a number of reasons we advocate for residency:

Healthy environment - we want every church planter to be sent from a healthy leadership development environment. A residency with a reproducing church gives a Resident a place to call home and place to be cared for as they are developed.

Reproducing DNA - we don’t know a single church planter who has a vision to plant one church in their lifetime. Most church planters sense they have an apostolic calling to plant movements of churches. However, many of us have never been immersed in a culture that understands the underlying principles and practices that fuel movement.

Osmosis - Residency gives you the “caught” (apprenticeship and mentoring) you can’t get in “taught” (conference, book, or classroom).

Detox - Because planters need to go through a detox and they are unconsciously incompetent. It takes about 90 days for a Leadership Resident to realize they have toxins in them that are limiting their ability to plant a Reproducing Church.

Sending Well - People want to be sent and this gives them their home base for it to happen. With a Kingdom mentality, we will always strive to send people and financial resources towards the start up of a new church.

Return On Investment (ROI) - church planters who receive training are much more likely to have a church that grows rapidly and reproduces. Millions of dollars have been invested into church planting that have resulted in church plants not sticking. We are doing everything we can insure we plant healthy, vibrant, reproducing churches.

Leadership Pipeline - Reproducing DNA results in local churches creating farm systems that raise up apprentices, leaders, coaches, multi-site churches, church plants, networks, and movements.

Who Are Leadership Residents?

Leadership Residents are people God is calling to something significant for the Kingdom. They are people planning and preparing to launch their own reproducing movement. NewThing identifies, coaches and releases these residents to lead churches or missional communities of impact. While every calling is unique, NewThing primarily seeks people for residency who will: Residents-Vaca and Barton

  • Lead a new church, campus or site.
  • Lead the arts community of a new church or campus.
  • Lead a new missional community

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