What is It?

The NewThing Residency Matching Fund can fuel church planting. 

It’s often the first year of funding that is most challenging and thus, the NewThing Leadership Residency presents its Matching Fund. The matching fund is designed to provide strong assistance in order for future church planters to fully fund the entire  year of their residency. The goal of the fund is to give a leg up to our leadership residents so that finances does not become barrier to the vision God has given them.

How it Works

Prospective church planters raise money for their 1-year residency program. NewThing will match the total amount of donations that each qualified resident, up to $20,000 dollars. That $20,000 can then be used for any/all expenses that may be incurred during the residency.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a PAY-IT-FORWARD fund. We are asking all residents who are supported by the matching fund to pay back $20,000 into the matching fund within one year of the conclusion of their residency. This will allow others to benefit from the fund as well.

Value Proposition

NewThing will match $20,000 to help fund a leadership residency. The recipient agrees to pay back $20,000 into the fund no later than 1 year after the launch of the church plant. By doing this, we can finance dozens of residents and start hundreds of churches.


To APPLY for the Leadership Residency Matching Fund, or if you are interested in learning more, please fill out this form and someone will contact you.

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