Catalyzing New Churches at Our Movement | Network Leader Retreat

During our NewThing Retreat at 2|42 Community Church in Michigan in August, our Network and Movement Leaders re-committed to our four values: Reproducing, Relationship, Resources and Residency. Additionally, several WINS emerged over those two days!

  • Our Network Leaders committed to plant 1,220 churches by 2020 (340 in the USA)!
  • We trained 5 new Network Leaders in our first ever Turbo Network Training (TNT) who are now ready to take the next step in reproduction and leading a network!
  •  We set a goal of 10,000 reproducing churches in NewThing by 2020!

While there is much work to be done, our retreat affirmed that we have more momentum than we've ever had!

Published on by Carla Vaca.