We are a catalyst for movements of reproducing churches relentlessly dedicated to helping people find their way back to God. NewThing helps leaders, churches, and church planters plant healthy reproducing churches to achieve the Jesus Mission (Acts 1:8). 

Every time we plant a church or help another church start a church we…

  • Reach out to those who are far from God
  • Restore God’s dream for the world and
  • Reproduce the Jesus Mission in others


At the core of NewThing are friendships, accountability, and networking. NewThing Lead Pastors gather into Networks. Consisting of a group of 3 to 6 churches, each Network is led by a NewThing Pastor. These Networks connect monthly via phone and are conversationally structured around principles of reproducing ministry. Within this coaching structure the reproducing church grows!


The heart of NewThing is reproduction – reproducing leaders, artists, groups, teams, campuses, churches, and networks through an intentional apprenticeship model. This was part of Paul’s strategy for the church to accomplish the Jesus Mission (2 Timothy 2:2).  Each NewThing church is committed to reproducing at every level of ministry.


NewThing churches share their collective knowledge, experience, creativity and resources with each other to achieve the Jesus Mission. From message transcripts to videos to training ideas, the availability of these resources help free up staff time to be able to continue to relationally drive the reproducing church faster and more effectively.


Leadership Residents are people God is calling to something significant for the Kingdom. They are people planning and preparing to launch their own reproducing movement. NewThing identifies, coaches and releases these residents to lead churches or missional communities of impact.