Leading A Reproducing Network

Leading a Reproducing Network (LARN) is a premier coaching opportunity for leaders of influence interested in starting and leading a reproducing network of churches. 

The goal of the training is to help leaders start new, reproducing networks of churches. To do this, we want to help you grow in your understanding of movements while providing you practical insights on how to lead one. 

NewThing provides content while working alongside each church to create a specific Action Plan for its context.


The benefits of spending a year with LARN are:
•   Developing an action plan to reproduce.
•   Ongoing coaching to help put your plan into action.
•   Training from Dave and Jon Ferguson
•   Understanding the dynamics of reproducing churches and networks.
•   Connecting with others on the journey to being a reproducing network.


•   30 hours of content/contact with NewThing Leaders including
Dave and Jon Ferguson
•   6 training sessions on building and sustaining a movement
•   6 calls with NewThing Movement/Network Leaders
•   Relational connection to NewThing Network/Movement Leaders
as needed
•   Access to NewThing Online Training
•   Help in creating a specific action learning plan to start
and maintain your reproducing network
•   Invitation to join NewThing as a reproducing Network


A LARN Training Cohort is one year. Lead Pastors are encouraged to enroll essential team staff as needed.


This is an invitation only coaching opportunity. If you are interested and would like to talk with us about this please email us by clicking on the button below and fill out the contact form. 

Dave Ferguson

Jon Ferguson

Patrick O'Connell


“LARN was the help we needed to get from good intentions to actually start planting churches. The program provides great, practical tools and core practices built on years of experience and through teaching and a relational framework. This is a great tool both to take the next step in becoming a reproducing church and grow as a leader. Besides that, these guys are fun to hang around!”                                                                   
                                    Egil Elling Ellingsen
                                    Lead Pastor, IMI Kirken, Norway

"LARN was the perfect catalyst for helping our team take the next steps towards becoming a more effective reproducing church. The monthly cohort provided the content and accountability needed for us to identify the next steps in our context under the guidance of seasoned and current practitioners. It was an amazing experience that I highly recommend for anyone interested church multiplication."

                                    Dave Clayton
                                    Lead Pastor, Ethos Church