Leadership Residency

Learn the DNA of a reproducing Church

The Vision

What is a Leadership Residency


A Leadership Residency is a 1 year self-funded apprenticeship with a NewThing church. The goal of the residency is help train and equip apostolic leaders to reproduce movements of churches. A NewThing Leadership Residency is an intensive life on life experience where the resident spends up to a year apprenticing with a Campus Pastor or Lead Pastor at any NewThing church. During this time the resident learns and trains in the fundamentals of leader reproduction.


Who are Leadership Residents

Leadership Residents are people God is calling to something significant for the Kingdom. They are people planning and preparing to launch their own reproducing movement. NewThing identifies, coaches and releases these residents to lead churches or missional communities of impact. While every calling is unique, NewThing primarily seeks people for residency who will:

Lead a new church, campus or site.
Lead the arts community of a new church or campus.
Lead a new missional community

Next Steps



There are 5 steps to this process:

  • Create an Account and Complete the Initial Screening Assessment

  • Review your results

  • Upgrade your Account

  • Complete your Profile

  • Share your Profile



Darryl Answer, Kansas City

Before my Leadership Residency, I knew little of what actually went into planting a reproducing church. It was in the early stages of my wife and I praying and having conversations about what it would like to plant a church in Kansas City’s urban core that I was asked to consider a leadership residency.

At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect, because I would be doing my residency in a suburban context, and I wasn’t sure how this would prepare me for the inner city. The truth is, my residency has helped me more than I imagined. I have been given the opportunity to learn from so many great leaders and thinkers in the area of church planting, and I have been empowered to lead in my own way.

I am only half way through my residency, and will continue to take these great principles I have learned from NewThing to be reproduced in the inner city. I pray that as we launch a church in Kansas City’s urban core, God will multiply it into an inner city movement.

The space between. My residency became a space between leading and leading. I needed a break in the responsibility and pressure from leading. This “space” created the needed time to learn and un-learn very important leadership practices and methods. The natural inclination is to hurry up to launch your dream. My recommendation is to create this “space between” through a Leadership Residency. You won’t regret it.

Reproducing is more caught than taught. I’ve read about every book under the sun on reproducing and creating a multiplying culture. Those books were really helpful; however, there is no substitute for being immersed into an environment where it is taking place in real time. I was not only taught the mechanics of reproducing, I caught the spirit and “why” behind it. That has proved to be invaluable!

There’s no mulligans. It’s kind of difficult to launch your church, then turn around a year later and ask for a mulligan. It works in golf; it doesn’t work too well in church planting. You get one shot at this. That reality became heavy and compelled me to slow down my launch timeline to learn from others prior to launch. Once your church launches, there is no going back…this “runway” of preparation is a gift; steward it well.

Jon Peacock, Chicago

Jon is now lead pastor of Mission Church, Roselle, Illinois.

Matt Miller, Kansas

Like many church planters, I have some ministry experience. However, with all that I gained from my ministry experience, I can’t imagine starting a church without doing a Leadership Residency. As a Leadership Resident, I received valuable hands-on training. Everything that has led to our current success can be traced back to something I picked up during my residency!

Matt is now the leader pastor of NewCity Church in Shawnee, Kansas.





“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.
See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland."(Isaiah 43:18-19).