Disciple-Making Innovation Lab

Get a custom disciple-making model for

your church built on reproduction.

Welcome to Beta

We’re inviting a small, select group of churches into this one-year beta Innovation Lab, where each church walks away with a custom-built reproduction model for disciples and groups. These Innovation Labs have been really effective with other churches focused on reproduction and catalyzing movements, and as it will be tailored for NewThing churches, we think this could be revolutionary offering. It’s a beta version because not only are there things we’ll want to tweak and adjust, but if we like what we see, we could choose to scale it and make it available to all the churches within the NewThing Network.


About the Lab

Download here!

Download here!

Many pastors are frustrated by the results they are seeing with discipleship, and usually on three fronts:

  1. People are spiritually stuck and aren’t growing.

  2. Their small group or group life strategy isn’t working the way they want it to.

  3. They aren’t seeing reproduction. Disciples aren’t making disciples.

There are lots of disciple-making models you can import into your church; things like small groups, Missional Communities, curriculum or other things that were developed in someone else’s church. Maybe it works OK. Maybe it doesn’t. But what most pastors and churches need is something custom.

This Innovation Lab exists to help you design and execute a brand new disciple-making model that is custom-built for your church’s calling and context.

Next Steps

Interested in hearing more and getting more details for the NewThing fall launch? Email Doug Paul at Doug@eastendfellowship.org