Over the past decade, Giftmart has partnered the church with local schools and businesses to reimagine holiday charity at Christmas-time.  As an alternative to the “adopt-a-family” model, Giftmart harnesses the generosity of the community to more than just place toys under the tree in low-income neighborhoods. 

The difference is in the delivery.  Safeguarding the dignity of parents who might otherwise feel the sting of not being able to provide for their family, Giftmart provides parents the opportunity to choose and purchase gifts for their children at a discounted rate.  Re-investing the proceeds of the event back into the local school, Giftmart provides a way for parents in low-income neighborhoods to support to their child’s classroom through the funding of library books, computers and musical instruments.  Every church, every business, every individual wants to be generous at Christmas, but what if this year you could make toys do MORE! 

Amy Plummer, Giftmart Director

Amy Plummer, Giftmart Director



“Giftmart is not about the toys.  It’s about helping families provide Christmas for their kids in a way that safeguards dignity.”  - Kirsten Strand, Giftmart Founder

“I felt like a person.  There was someone who greeted me with coffee or hot chocolate.  They greeted me with cookies.  They were friendly.  I didn’t feel like someone who was unable to provide Christmas for my children.  I felt like a person.”  - Autumn, a Giftmart Parent