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Global Day of Prayer & Fasting

Global Day of Prayer & Fasting

by Josh Howard

As I’ve been reading through the Bible this year, I have found myself praying the same prayer over and over again, especially throughout the Gospels and the Book of Acts.  The prayer is simple and easy, but it can have massive implications!  It’s only four words, but these four words can literally change our world!  

What’s the prayer?

“Father, Do It Again!”

I prayed this prayer when I read about a small group of men and women a little over 2,000 years ago who were hiding in a small room waiting for an incredible gift that God had promised.  With prayer and fasting, they were pleading that God would do something massive in their midst.  When God showed up, our world was never the same again.  The Holy Spirit came in power, boldness filled all of the new believers, and 3,000 people came to Christ from all over the world.  This event sparked a movement of God that changed the known world.  

Do it again, Father!

The Day of Pentecost has been celebrated by the global church since that day.  This year, NewThing is setting aside a day around Pentecost to ask God to “Do It Again”!  We long to see a move of God that changes the known world.  We long to see millions of disciples made, thousands of churches planted, and hundreds of leaders raised up.  We are praying that the Holy Spirit will show up and boldness will fill people all over the world.  

Will you join us on May 15th to ask God to “Do It Again?”  

An old preacher used to say, “If God did it there, He can do it here!  If God did it then, He can do it now!  If God did it for them, He can do it for us!”
Do you believe that?  If so, let’s all come together on May 15th with prayer and fasting and ask God to spark movements all over the world and for Him to “Do It Again!”

May 15th is the 2016 day of Pentecost and NewThing has set that day aside as a time for the world to pray for Kingdom focused movement. We want to pray for people everywhere to find their way back to God through missional minded, reproducing churches all over the world.

Please use the attached prayer guide to pray for a movement of reproducing churches all over the globe. Take time in your service that Sunday to pray for God to raise up leaders who will lead churches that are passionate about connecting people to God.

Nothing happens without prayer so please pray for God to pour out His Spirit in abundance the way He did on his disciples in the upper room all those years ago. Pray for world change!