NewThing Partnership with Compassion

NewThing strives to Help People Find Their Way Back to God by planting 10,000 Churches that Reach, Restore and Reproduce.  A new partnership with Compassion International allows churches to help accomplish this goal in a strategic and innovative way.   Planting churches in areas that are without suitable Compassion Church partners  helps to Reach people in collaboration with an organization that witnesses over 450 decisions for Christ on a daily basis as a result of their ministry.  Moving to the poorest of the poor areas of partner countries enables NewThing to  Restore by partnering with a child sponsorship model that has been named the best long-term alleviation of poverty strategy by Christianity Today.  Empowering indigenous pastors leads to Reproduction, but even greater impact is imagined with the continued building of relationships with hundreds of partner churches and thousands of partner pastors throughout Central and South America.

Pilot Program

NewThing and Compassion have already run the first pilot project of this partnership. The people of Cuidad Sandino (8 miles west of Managua), Nicaragua are very poor, and life is difficult. The average income of a primary breadwinner here, when they find work in factories, is the equivalent of $71 per month. with a total population of approximately 120,000 people, this area is in need of high schools, employment opportunities and vocational training. Children here need regular medical checkups, basic health care, nutritional support, educational nurture, and the knowledge that God created and loves them.  Oscar Torres grew up in these conditions.  After entering the Compassion program, he developed a talent for preaching that was noticed by the pastor at The Iglesia Lirio de los Valles.  Oscar began to become very involved in church activities and upon graduating from the Compassion program, felt called to start a church.  He began meeting with a group of 75 under a structure made of 2x4's covered in leaves.  This structure is currently being replaced with a facility that will house over 200 families and enable hundreds of children to enter the Compassion program and have a chance to, like Oscar, help others escape a life of poverty.  NewThing and Compassion are planting a new church for effective Christ-centered ministry among the impoverished families of Cuidad Sandino today with the hopes of a different tomorrow for people living in poverty all over the world.

Join the Movement

After the initial pilot Church is found to be successful, NewThing will partner with Compassion to plant three more churches in 2017-2018, starting in February, 2017. With perceived opportunity for great impact, here is a potential timeline for church planting, beginning with a Vision Trip in August, 2017.

NewThing's first church plant in partnership with Compassion International

NewThing's first church plant in partnership with Compassion International

• Month 1: Donation received by Compassion International

• Month 2: Proposal matched to donation; bids solicited from screened vendors

• Month 3: Funds sent to Compassion Nicaragua field office

• Month 4: Initial fund disbursement to vendors; construction begins

• Month 5: Initial neighborhood visitations and child registrations begin

• Months 5-8: Child development center staff training and caregiver orientation

• Month 9: Dedication and launch of ministry at new church





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