Catalyst Communities are designed to provide Network Leaders with a process to help launch and multiply their networks.


The Catalyst Community consists of three separate, facilitated sessions conducted over the period of 1 year. During these sessions, networks will establish a process that enables church teams to work together to build vision, identify and remove barriers, and create collaborative opportunities to accelerate and sustain the growth of the network. Each community includes Catalyst Facilitator training for selected individuals to allow for multiplication of the network using this approach.


• Provides process to augment on-going monthly network coaching/meetings
• Accelerates learning by all participating churches
• Helps embed the NewThing DNA
• Increases odds of success
• Provides the Network Leader with a framework for action
• Allows the Network Leader to focus on relationships and coaching, rather than process
• Promotes collaboration and ownership for the network
• Provides training for a Catalyst Facilitator to support multiplication of networks


We believe the best way to accomplish the Jesus Mission is to center ourselves around four values—relationships, reproducing, residents, and resources. The goal for the 4Rs Session within the Catalyst Community is to increase participating churches’ commitment to joining a network. It is a one-day session for church leaders.

 Tom McGehee

Tom McGehee

Each Catalyst Community is customized to the specific needs of the network it is supporting. During the pilot phase, the developer of the Learning Community process for the Leadership Network, Tom McGehee —or one of his trained facilitators—will facilitate all four sessions. Tom currently works to support NewThing in launching new networks around the world.


The Vision Session’s goal is to build stronger relationships between network members and collaboratively develop a vision for the first year of the network.


The goal of this session is to increase understanding and development of actions related to Reproduction and Resources.


This session’s goal is to deepen understanding and development of actions related to Relationships and Residency, and create a plan for the second year of the network.

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