This page tells the ongoing story of NewThing.
Below you will find stories of life change in our network churches from all over the world. 

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Part Two: How Collaboration could solve isolation in Western Europe and Southeast Asia

We need each other. God’s intent was that the church would be a global family, a global entity to reach ALL people, in ALL locations, at ALL times. And while most of us know and recognize the importance of interdependence in the economics and politics, we might not have given serious thought to how the global Church is increasingly a similar force in our lives.

Collaboration Across Countries: Part One

Norway. Philippines. Australia. Cambodia.

Taken as a collective, these countries aren’t typically thought of as similar. Humanity has a history of dividing the world into neat, easy categories based on geographic, ethnic, religious, linguistic, and philosophical lines. We rely on these categories to make sense of our world because even a cursory glance at these four countries shows that they speak different languages, have different economic engines, celebrate different holidays, have different cultural and societal mores, etc…. Yet more and more they rely on each other, often in invisible ways.

Leading a Small Group & Making Disciples:  Same thing or not?

Somehow, this idea from geometry sticks with me. I believe it also can help us understand the relationship between leading groups and making disciples.

Every square is a rectangle because it is a quadrilateral with all four angles being right angles. But, a rectangle isn’t necessarily a square because a square also requires all four sides of the rectangle to have the same length.