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Helping a Friend in Need

KimhammondfamKim Hammond is a brother and friend of NewThing. He is the International Director of the Forge Network, establishing missional training hubs all over the U.S. 

Many of us have been blessed by his love. Now he needs our help.

Please read below our urgent request and respond:

From Alan Hirsch of Forge Network:

As you might be aware by now, my friend, partner, Forge colleague, and hero, Kim Hammond has been diagnosed with leukemia. If that is not horrible enough, this comes after his son Carter survived the same disease and went through three years of hellish treatment. I am horrified at this and can’t believe that this is it for him.  I believe he has a huge amount of love to give and live to live.

I am therefore appealing to all our brothers and sisters to call you to a particularly focused form of prayer. This situation is simply not acceptable in the Kingdom. We must pray (and act) to negate the forms of evil and negation in Jesus’s Name, this no less. Lets ask for long life for Kim, Maria, and the boys.

As for his impact in the world, all who have met Kim will testify to what a remarkable person he is. I believe that Kim has a huge destiny that he has yet to fulfill He is a top notch leader who has huge potential kingdom impact. After only a few years in the US (along with a child with cancer) Kim and his amazing wife Maria, have established a more than viable network of Forge hubs across the country.

A complete outsider, a stranger to the US scene, and he already has big impact on thousands of people. He is now Forge international director and in that role has seen new hubs develop in Scotland, Russia, Columbia, with England, Spain and Germany coming online soon. I do not believe he has yet delivered his his final and irreplaceable contribution to the missional movement.

More personally, I consider Kim as close to having a son than I will likely ever get. He is very dear to me. At 39, and with a fantastic family, he has so much to offer the church and the world. We need him around for many years yet.

I am asking all to pray and seek The Lord for long life for Kim and for the family. More than that, I ask that you seriously consider supporting the Hammond family financially and in other, material, ways. I don’t do this kind of appeal often (in fact I have never done it) but I do feel that this is a very important moment in the missional movement in the West. At the very least, for that part of the movement that I tend to serve.

Alan Hirsch, Lance Ford, & Brad Brisco on behalf of Forge Network

From Community Christian and  Forge America:

Kim and Maria Hammond and their 3 sons -- Lachlan, Carter, and Jordan -- are a gift to so many. Their sacrifice and service to the local church and to God’s mission is beyond measure. This is one amazing family, and in light of recent events our hearts grieve for them.

As you may already be aware of, our friend, partner, colleague, and hero, Kim Hammond, has been diagnosed with leukemia. On Saturday, January 4, Kim was taken to the hospital to be treated for pneumonia, and after many tests it became evident that he indeed had this awful disease. As if this diagnosis is not horrible enough, it comes only a few months after his son Carter has gone through three years of treatment for the same disease.

The leukemia that Kim is fighting is quite rare but treatable. His treatment will consist of 4 – 5 weeks in the hospital followed by 32 weeks of aggressive chemotherapy. Every ounce of energy that Kim and his family have in this next year will be spent in overcoming this cancer and in recovering from the treatment.

As you might imagine, there will be little if any extra margin for Kim to participate in the work he has been doing up until this point. Because of this, we are concerned for the Hammond family and their financial sustainability in this coming year.

For this reason we: family, friends, & colleagues, must stand in the gap for this family. We need to raise $90,000 to cover their living expenses for the next year.

Partners of Kim and his family that have already stepped in to help have been: Community

  • Christian Church, Naperville, IL.
  • WestRidge Church, Dallas, GA.
  • NewThing Church Planting Network
  • Forge America Missio
  • 3DM

Will you join these organizations and individuals to help support the Hammond family this next year?


Community Christian Church & Forge America 

Here are some tangible ways to help:

1. Pray

Please pray for complete and timely healing for Kim, for encouragement and strength for Maria and the boys, and for the family’s needs to be met.

Stay up to date by visiting here:

2. Give

Either a one time gift, or monthly support over the next 12 months.

Give Online at NewThing: On the site click the “Give” button at top right side of the page, create an account, and then select “Kim Hammond (Forge)” in the “Donation For” menu.

To make contributions by mail: Send checks payable to NewThing and place Kim Hammond in the memo. The address is: 1635 Emerson Lane, Naperville, IL 60540.

Something special—Kim’s first book is coming out in March. It is called Sentness, Six Postures of Missional Christians. It would be an enormous encouragement to Kim if you would buy one or more copies of his book. BUT NOT YET! Please buy the book from Amazon on February 19th. We want as many people as possible to buy it on this very day to take it up the Amazon rankings and give exponential exposure to it. Order at Amazon on February 19th by clicking here: Sentness Book