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Global Residency Program | Cathleen Rotich

‘Ask of me and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.’ ACTS 2:8 NIV

In 2015 I learned a lot about the nation called Greece. That year begun with their new President, Alexis Tsipras, fighting for the survival of Greece in the EU and fighting to prevent the total collapse of the Greek economy. I for one thought that these events in Greece would remain as the news highlights for most of the year until, the great human migration begun to happen. And Greece remained on the world news, but this time for a different reason. Greece became the hope and refuge for many families fleeing the crisis of Isis in Syria and parts of Iraq. In a short space of time, it became clear that the desperate human migration we were witnessing would be the most significant event of 2015. The human crisis heightened the awareness and the need for a savior. It became clear that the extent of the situation, with no immediate solution, was far beyond many governments. This global reality has presented an opportunity for the message of the gospel that gives 1 peace and hope.

2015 was a significant year for another reason; it was the year that the vision for the Global Residency was birthed. As our mission field has changed and shifted, the leader who will lead faith communities in this era faces a different set of challenges. The Global Residency seeks to shape globally conscious individuals who will lead and love in the midst of these seismic changes. The excitement for me is that we are training men and women to respond with the hope the gospel through leading dynamic churches in the cities. We seek to prepare ‘Jason Bournes’ of the kingdom; Courageous, Cross-culturally savvy & Capable individuals and then launching them as world changers. It will take the God and as Zechariah put it, ‘It’s not by might, nor is it by power but by the Spirit of God, ‘that these things will be made possible.

Yet as we do this, it is because we are propelled forward by Psalm 2:8 which promises ‘The nations’ as an inheritance from the Lord. Taking nations will require that we invest in people from these nations to share hope to the nations. The ‘shape’ and ‘boundaries’ of the nations is not limited or contained geographically anymore but has been stretched because of the recent events of displacements. And so seeing all these things happening challenges us to be responsive and relevant. We are praying for multicultural leaders to learn together and thereafter, plant together and then bring in the harvest of nations together. The limit of our vision is the ‘asking’ and we continue to ask that God will give the gateway cities around the world with the full understanding that God has promised to give us this inheritance!

It is in this light that we seek out Global Residents. You may ask, ‘where are these men and women?’ I am so convinced that they are in our midst being prepared for the work. God in His foresight knew that such a time was to come and he has positioned his people for the task. Our role as the team is to find them and midwife the process of placing them on the platform for their service. We are looking for people whose hearts pump for cities and who have been prepared for a multi-cultural setting.

Our very first cohort is in the process of being constituted and I am excited at the men God has brought our way. We are finalizing with four of our July Cohort Residents and look forward to launching them to the ends of the earth. In this God has been good and gracious! We asked for the nations and he has given us men, good men to go to the nations. We celebrate these small beginnings and look forward to much more in the coming years!

The program is a year-long in-situ training set in one or more stations and includes input from world renowned writers and teachers of missiology and church planting. There is place for you to be included in this gospel story. There are many who sense God’s call and have a passion for cross cultural, global church planting. You only have to visit and submit your details. A second way to be part of writing this story is through referral of the young, passionate kingdom ‘Jason Bournes’ waiting for an opportunity. Send them our way and watch God use them at such a time as this!