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From Leadership Resident to Lead Pastor: An Interview with Matt Miller

At NewThing, we're all about reproduction and passionate about training Leadership Residents through a one-year apprenticeship with a NewThing church. The goal of the residency is help train and equip apostolic leaders to reproduce movements of churches. Read about Matt Miller's Leadership Residency experience:

How did you first learn about NewThing's Residency program?

When I was moving from south Florida to Kansas City to plant New City Church, I was introduced to Troy McMahon. Troy had just planted Restore Community Church and was offering me the opportunity to spend a year with him and his team. This was the first time I had heard about a residency program. I felt it was a great opportunity so I took him up on his offer to become a NewThing Leadership Resident.

What was your biggest learning from being a Leadership Resident?

One of my biggest learnings during my Residency was noticing how generous Restore Community Church was to other church planters. Not only did I notice their generosity, I also experienced it and then chose to reproduce it. Since planting New City in January 2012, we have financially blessed two church plants outside of Kansas City (one in Boston and one in Minneapolis), we became a primary financial supporter for a church plant that is within our city, and we are preparing to launch a second New City Church location in January, 2015.

What did you learn in your Residency that you are still using to this day?

Everything we do must be reproducible! The systems and structures we create must be easily reproducible for a church of any size. Of course this is a challenge because it takes a lot of thinking and reworking, but the payoff is worth it.  

What advice would you give to those interested in planting?

If you are planting a church, I can't emphasize enough the importance of going through a Leadership Rresidency with a NewThing church. Most potential planters need to slow down, learn, and unlearn.  During a Residency, you give yourself (and your wife) a time to breathe, pray, dream, and ask some really great questions. Being a part of NewThing will provide you with positive peer pressure. NewThing will help keep you focused on reproduction at every level of your ministry.  

What advice would you give to those considering a Residency?

If there is a church planter who is further along than you are, who is offering you access to his team, who is offering you his time and experience, and leads a ministry you would someday like to have, why in the world would you pass up that opportunity? If you haven't identified "who" to do a residency with, NewThing can hook you up. There are several great churches in Kansas City that would be honored to have you!