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Free eBook! Just Step In: Joining God as He Heals Your City

Just-Step-InIn his new eBook, Just Step In: Joining God as He Heals Your City, Community Christian Church Campus Pastor Rich Gorman explores the five community dynamics critical to engaging any are—what he calls the 5 P’s (Power, Pennies, Parties, Pain, Person of Peace). As God builds your church, He has a very unique personality in mind for it that is designed to engage your community in very specific ways. But if you’re not careful, you can miss it. In our fast-paced culture, you may feel pressured to define that design before you ever hit the ground. God has been preparing your community for a long time, and He has invited you to step into what He has prepared. He wants you to join Him in what He is already doing. This “5 P” approach to city engagement Rich Gorman writes about in his new eBook will help you to think differently about your city and lead you to reimagine the ways God is inviting you to join Him as he heals your city for His glory.

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