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Why I LOVE NewThing | Dave Dummitt

If we were face to face and you asked me why I love the local church, I would hands down tell you this: I love the local church because I believe that the local church is the hope of the world. Many of you became church leaders for the very same reason: you believe that the church is God’s vehicle for people to experience the kind of life change that only comes when we encounter Him.

Most of us lead our people to get connected into some type of small group. You might call them Life Groups, Cell Groups, or Sunday School, but we are teaching the same thing: we were created for meaningful connection with other Christ-followers. We know that a connected Christian grows healthier and stronger than a disconnected one.

The same principle applies to church leaders. We need to be connected to one another in order to most effectively fulfill the mission of Jesus: to make disciples. That is why I love NewThing. As a lead pastor, NewThing provides me with a platform for partnership. I am regularly challenged, coached, encouraged, and equipped to fulfill the mission of Jesus by planting more churches.

I love that NewThing is centered on relationships. We get to come together across denominational lines that can often be divisive, and unify under the name of Jesus to do more together than we can apart. I get to regularly connect with other leaders across the globe who are dreaming big like I am, and who want to be daring for the Kingdom of God like I want to be. These trusted friends and comrades in arms hold me accountable to lead with prayer, with integrity, with vision, and with strength.

As a movement-focused network, NewThing enables church leaders like me to have the relationships and resources that I need while also having the freedom to lead my church without my hands tied. The common denominator connecting NewThing churches is the shared vision of a global network of churches planting more churches. Church leaders across the globe are still free to innovate, keep denominational traditions, and serve the unique needs of their communities while remaining focused on the bigger vision of the Global Church.

Along that same vein, one of my absolute favorite things about NewThing is that we are practitioner led. The vision and the values of NewThing are determined by church leaders who are actively practicing what they are preaching (pun intended). We are in the trenches with our churches, while also strongly connected to global church leaders focused on something greater than any one of us, or any one of our congregations.

I am so thankful to be a part of this incredible network that God is using to exponentially multiply the numbers of churches available worldwide for people to experience life change through knowing Jesus and living life among His people. Onward and upward...together!