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What Leadership Residency is and isn't | Eric Metcalf

What Leadership Residency Is and Isn’t:

A Leadership Residency Is…

High-level Access: Access to budget meetings, leadership meetings, brainstorming meetings and tough decision-making meetings.
Pragmatic: Practical ministry experience that includes apprenticing in a small group, leading a group and then reproducing that group. (at COMMUNITY, all areas of ministry benefit from small group leadership principles)
Sending: Every Leadership Resident is given the opportunity to be sent well by a church where he/she does the Residency. In almost every case, sending churches will support a Leadership Resident with generosity, support and prayer.
Fun: We are not going to have someone trade his/her life for something slow and predictable. A Leadership Residency stretches your schedule, your mind, your dreams—and you are going to have a lot of fun getting there.
Clear: Someone who has committed to a Leadership Residency should know why there are doing it. Defining your timeline and where you are going to plant is essential.

A Leadership Residency IS NOT...

An Internship: Leadership Residents are not interns that get all the jobs that no one else wants to do. They are there to be stretched through high-level experiences, decision-making and leadership. They work closely with their staff person.
Theory-only: NewThing believes in education, however, a Leadership Residency is about putting the education you have already received into practice.
Lonely: A Leadership Residency is based upon a communitas-model, where trust + mission = a shared life with people committed to the Jesus Mission. We are in this together.
Boring: If it’s boring, then something is missing. We are trying to create room for someone to grow, ask questions, and stretch themselves before they plant. Boring is not an option.
Fuzzy: We want to be sure that a Leadership Residency is not about job placement or some type of generic leadership-development experience. We avoid bringing someone into the Leadership Residency if they do not have any idea where God is calling him or her. A Leadership Residency should serve as a valuable process to help accomplish the call God has already placed on your life.
At NewThing, we believe a Leadership Residency is the key factor in seeing a reproducing church movement in our lifetime.