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Ivy Church / Great Britain

Pastor Anthony Delaney is starting new things in Europe. He reports:

After completing NewThing’s LARN process I was finally coming to terms with being thoroughly challenged to step out of my comfort zone and consider all of Great Britain as my mission field instead of simply my local community. As the lead pastor of a growing network of churches taking ground in Manchester I was working to figure out how to create simple systems in order to reproduce networks by attracting, training, and deploying apostolic leaders.

Then, in January of this year, I went with Dave, Jon, Patrick and others to Nairobi, Kenya. There, this crazy man, Oscar Muriu – Senior Pastor of Nairobi Chapel,started drawing the whole world (and he could draw too!) and talking about planting churches together in every region of the globe. I was in over my head!

After a week of dreaming together I returned to Manchester and told our church that I believed we were being given the opportunity to somehow be at the heart of God’s plan to see 10,000 new reproducing churches around the world by 2020. I then mentioned that our prayerful target for NewThing Western Europe was 250 churches. However, Dave and Oscar kindly added a further 250 churches to that target to make up for my lack of faith making it 500 in total.

I was starting from scratch, I didn’t know what to do but pray. Since that first full day I set aside to pray I’ve watched God move. We planted a new reproducing church and have plans for one more before the year is out. Strong connections have been, and are continuing to be, made with major denominations, agencies, and organizations all with church planting and evangelism on their radar. Our first two leadership residents are about to start the training program with us as they also study at Westminster Theological Centre.

There are so many great things exploding here and in many other streams I haven’t even got the time to tell!

It’s an exciting journey asking God – What next? Where next? Who next?