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NewThing Pilot Church Plant - Nicaragua | Jim Melton

NewThing’s  pilot church plant with Compassion in San Andreas, Mateare, Nicaragua is scheduled to be completed in February 2017.  During construction, former Compassion sponsored child Pastor Oscar Torrez has grown his congregation, registered over 160 area children into the Compassion program and witnessed 10 baptisms!  The facility, which includes a kitchen, bathrooms, classrooms and worship space are helping hundreds to find their way back to God, including Christian Martinez.  Christian, the father of two Compassion children, is thankful to God for having his daughters in the church-run development center.  Through their participation at the center he came to know God Almighty as his only Savior.  He thanks God for bringing this ministry to the neighborhood so that many families know the love of God as his family did.  The program has had great impact because previously no one was interested in this community, especially to build a beautiful church where children will know Christ.

NewThing’s Harbor Churches, Community Christian of California and Community Christian Church will be traveling to Nicaragua from  February 27 - March 2 to examine sites and interview pastors for three new church plants to be completed in 2018.  To involve your church or your network in church planting through Compassion International in Central and South America, please contact Jim Melton.