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News from our Partner Churches in India

God has been opening massive doors through our Ignite Training Program to go into new areas in order to train leaders and teach them how to multiply and reproduce themselves.  In the next four months, we will be doing training in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and the Philippines.  On top of this, our India training initiatives are going to be training over 200 leaders from nine states of India over the next two months. Our goal is to raise up as many movement makers as possible through these training initiatives.  All churches started through these leaders will be NewThing churches.

We currently have nearly 150 students enrolled in our church planting training school.  These young men between the ages of 18-25 will be sent out to different parts of India to plant new churches in completely unreached areas.

We are launching a new Masters degree program at our church planting school.  This degree program is completely designed around NewThing principles and movement principles.  Our desire is that each graduate would have the capacity and skills to lead movements across India.  This new program will start on Sept. 14th.

We are constantly working on recruiting high apostolic leaders to join our global movement.  Just in the last two weeks, two great apostolic leaders joined our NewThing team in order to really help build a network across central Asia so that we can reach our goal of planting 3,000 reproducing churches in our region by the end of 2020.