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NEW Network in Norway | Øystein Gjerme

I met Dave Ferguson over a bowl of Spaghetti in Norway a number of years back. He kept talking about movements during our meal. His passion for the Mission of Jesus and the reinvention of church caught my attention, and lead me to read the Exponential book. The book gave language to a number of convictions that I have been carrying in ministry, and I understood that this is a voice worth paying attention to! My closest associates at our church also fell in love with this philosophy of ministry, and we have been greatly impacted by the teaching we have received ever since.

We were invited to be a part of the LARN cohort (Leaders of Reproducing Networks) during the fall of 2014, and did not need any time to consider. It was an honor, and it has helped us greatly. The Action Learning Plans that we created during that year has become the blueprint for the work that we now have in progress. The timing could not have been better, as we truly feel that NewThing helps us lead a reproducing network. We are so blessed to be a part of this.

What we love about NewThing Network is that it challenges us to be reproducing. Even before we planted our church in 2004, we set out to be a church-planting movement, not knowing how to go about it. By being a part of NewThing we are connected to people who have walked this road before, and who are willing to share their insights. This propels us into the calling we feel God has put on our ministry.

We also love NewThing because it is at the forefront of imagining and innovation in regards to what has not yet been done in church planting. The collaborative culture gives everyone a voice to share, at the same time as it is effective in detecting and promoting best practices.  

But most of all, we love NewThing because it gives glory to the One who does the NewThing. The leadership of the network is the real deal, and continually reminds us of the sense of calling and mandate that drives them to keep on moving forward. We love being a part of this, and expect that the best is still ahead!