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Madison Church | Stephen Feith

Carlos came to us via a post on Craigslist. We needed musicians and I figured musicians needed a stage so we could each use each other! Carlos played drums and was like a big kid on them. As we got to know Carlos, we found out that he recently got out of the Federal Prison system. He bounced all over the United States as they transferred him here and there. Carlos was convicted of Drug Racketeering, and should've had a life sentence. He was also in maximum security because he was dangerous. Through some odd circumstances, circumstances he believes was God giving him a second chance, he got out after ten years. 

So he begins coming to our church, and we see a guy who was REAL rough begin to lighten up and smile/laugh a lot more. He showed up early and left late. Pretty soon, disaster struck. His dad passed away the same weekend his girlfriend kicked him out of the house.

Carlos was homeless living in a van in the Walmart parking lot. He still came to church though. Carlos said that despite all the bad stuff going on in his life, Madison Church was the only place he could find peace - while playing drums.

The last conversation we had we talked about surrender and baptism. With everything going on in his life, we haven't seen him in a bit, but I still reach out to him from time to time and trust we'll see God finish the work he's begun in Carlos.