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Leading A Reproducing Network | Nathan Berry

Leading a Reproducing Network (LARN) is a premier coaching opportunity for leaders of influence interested in starting and leading a reproducing network of churches. The goal of the training is to help leaders start new, reproducing networks of churches. To do this, we want to help you grow in your understanding of movements while providing you practical insights on how to lead one.  NewThing provides content while working alongside each church to create a specific Action Plan for its context.

The LARN experience, for us in Warsaw, Poland, was an opportunity to not only learn from incredible leaders, but also afforded us the opportunity to bring four independent churches together to discuss practically how we can reach our city and multiply our churches. While LARN had great content through materials and resources, it is the action steps that made LARN truly impactful. You are put into a situation where you are motivated to execute, and for us, that is the power of LARN.