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Global Residency Update - Cathleen Rotich

The dream is now reality…The NEW THING GLOBAL RESIDENCY

This dream begun as a conversation…what if we could train church planters…not just any church planter but those who could plant cross culturally…and not just that but that it be a cross cultural team training together and then planting together…and what if they could be trained in more than one church culture setting so that the training is not just theoretical but in-situ and practical in every sense of the word?

Well, what began as a ‘what if’ dream became reality this July as NewThing Global Residency-July cohort kicked off in Nairobi, Kenya. A group of three couples and a single guy responded to this call for gospel adventure and started the journey together. This group of men and women have left the familiar to step into new territory and are being prepared to plant a church in a global gateway city around the globe.

The NewThing Global Residency Program involves many church networks coming together to create an environment of cross cultural exchange and learning. These global networks host the Global Residents and expose them to church leadership in that cultural setting. The expected outcome is that the global resident will end with a broader world view of the global church. In this way, they are being prepared to plant a thriving church in a gateway city; a city that has multiple cultures within it, for example, New York, London, Dubai and Johannesburg. The highlights of the program are training in:

Cross-cultural immersion experience in more than ONE culture
Curriculum coursework to strengthen leadership & theological fundamentals
Coaching from experienced church planters
Serving in a multi- cultural team.

This pioneer group consists of Karan and Isha, an Indian family with two boys, who have been involved in setting up a transformational ministry in Chandigarh, North India in a predominantly Hindu nation. He has followed God’s call to the nations and taken this step to ‘leave it behind.’ Karan brings a fresh perspective and different cultural lenses to church planting. He has led a ministry that has planted multiple churches in North India under tough circumstances.

Charles and Chero, are a Kenyan couple who have served for the past five years as church planters in a coastal city in Kenya. They bring church planting experience to the team.

Travis and Jen, an American Couple, have traveled the farthest from Michigan, US to be part of the team. With them we get to enjoy the flavor of the North American church.

Lastly, Justin, is a Kenyan Church planter who moved to Johannesburg and served in the Anglican Church for about 5 years before returning to Kenya. Justin’s desire for global missions and planting is tangible and he brings youth and flexibility, as well as a lot of cross cultural experience. Together, they paint a beautiful picture of Christs’ church reaching the utmost parts of the world and the power of unity!

These amazing people and the multiple facets of cross cultural preparation for global church planting have been fascinating to watch; and that the Lord would have this team not only train together but dream to plant together is a beautiful picture of the much we accomplish. This is a picture of the possibilities for global church planting because together we are stronger and can reach further.