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Global Operations Team | Matt Millar

As NewThing continues to expand its focus, as we intentionally include the global landscape of church planting into our gaze more frequently, we are constantly realizing how much we have to learn. It’s such an awesome season of growth and trusting God.

Because we’re stepping into new and unchartered territory we have established a Global Operations Team. God has brought together a few of the best minds of the planet to create something of a church planting Avengers squad that is working towards the common end of catalyzing movements of reproducing churches all across the world.

This team is made up of people that live in the Chicago (USA), Milwaukee (USA), Nairobi (Kenya), Dubai (UAE), Manchester (UK), Bergen (Norway), and Damoh (India). Each and every person on this team was hand selected for one reason or another. They all bring a base of knowledge that is unique to their area of expertise and/or their cultural context.

This team meets virtually every month to discuss how to achieve NewThing’s four global objectives:

1.     To plant 10,000 reproducing churches (churches that plant more churches that plant churches) globally by 2020.
2.     To establish 9 NewThing global regions to catalyze movements of reproducing churches all over the world.
3.     To create a global residency program to train and equip international church planters.
4.     To form a global prayer initiative that will allow us to support one another, bring unity to the Body of Christ, and to create a sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

As we look as this small but intimidating list it forces us to look up to a big and mighty God because it is He, and He alone, that will see this giant vision come to fruition. Please pray for us and ask God to enable this team to set an example by representing Him well as they work in unity showcasing a plethora of different aspects of the Body of Christ.