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Giftmart | Amy Plummer

Every church wants to be generous at Christmas, but what if it could do more with a toy than just put it under the tree?  What if a toy could be used to safeguard dignity and fund education?  What if toys could do MORE?

Giftmart partners the church with local schools and businesses to bless under-resourced neighborhoods long after the remote control cars are broken and LEGO pieces are lost.  It provides an opportunity to safeguard dignity, inviting parents of partner schools to select and purchase gifts for their children at a discounted price.  It also empowers low-income communities to support their own schools by using the Giftmart proceeds to purchase needed educational items like library books, computers, and musical instruments.  Giftmart has re-imagined charity at Christmas-time.  Won’t you join them to harness your community’s generosity to make toys do MORE? 
We are thrilled to be able to offer Giftmart as a resource for our NewThing network.   Learn more about Giftmart and download a free manual with step-by-step directions to plan and host a Giftmart at getgiftmart.com.  Stop by our booth at the NEW THING gathering.  We’ll be offering a special discount on the Giftmart Branding Package giving you access to the Giftmart URL, logo and Promotional Videos and much more.