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Albania Network | Altin Kita

One of the reasons we love church planting is that new people find their way back to God. Pastor Altin Kita recently sent us this story of people finding their way back to God in Albania.

Things were going ok in my family until I found out my husband was gambling and had been lying to me for months. Our family was starting to break down, I lost trust, and we had no money to pay the bills. My husband is not a Christian.

I saw on Facebook, “We are here to help you, Find your way back to God.”  I looked at the Facebook page, but I did not know what it was because there was no church name on it. I contacted them and they were very friendly and helped me find where the church was. I went and felt very welcome. But, I was not there for myself, I went there to check it out and invite my husband to go. Because I really felt he needed God more than anyone in our family.

On the second Sunday, I changed my mind, God had gotten my heart and I needed to Find my way back to God for myself first. He has changed my life. I take my girls to church every Sunday but my husband doesn’t want to come. He met the pastor on baptism day, and I heard him say to the pastor, “I don’t know what happened in this church, but something is very clear, my older daughter and my wife are different, less stressed and more relaxed about things, one day I am doing to come as well.”

God has worked in my life and my girls’ lives. He is also making small steps in my husband’s life.

Please continue to pray for our Albanian network!