This page tells the ongoing story of NewThing.
Below you will find stories of life change in our network churches from all over the world. 

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Communities That Catalyze Movements

Friends on mission, accomplishing the Jesus Mission together. Life doesn’t get much better than this!

NewThing Global Huddle: London Edition

ondon: the city of Shakespeare, Afternoon Tea, the Queen, and movements that ripple across the world. London’s history as an incubator of religious movements (like William Tyndale, John Wesley, Catherine and William Booth, etc…) combined with its current status as a truly global city, made the Global Huddle an inspiring international event dreaming big of how God could use us. After two days of meeting with over 50 church leaders from 15 countries, representing every inhabited continent in the world, we leave truly energized!

Part Four: The Shift of the Great Collaboration

We need each other! God’s intent was that the church would be a global family, a global entity to reach ALL people, in ALL locations, at ALL times. The Church is a group of global people connected in local ways that can change the fabric of our world through interdependence and collaboration.